The Report of Deep Tech Meetup #4 -IoT-



On October 9th, our fourth Deep Tech Meetup took place at Plug and Play, Shibuya. This meetup adopted a new structure; it consisted of the first half and the second half, and the both parts featured a keynote and a startup pitch respectively.

This time, we welcomed more than 90 people from various backgrounds and actively exchanged thoughts on the topic, ‘IoT’.


The event started off with the keynote by Kengo Horiuchi, Marketing Director From  Treasure Data. The title was ‘From business to city, everything is digitally updated’ DX strategy by Arm Treasure Data. Last week, Mr. Horiuchi discussed the latest IoT trends with his colleagues at Arm’s headquarters in Cambridge and stated “In the field of IoT, there isn’t a thing like silver bullet,.Rather than that, accumulated small efforts are necessary to make a big difference.

Furthermore, he cited Michael Porter’s notion about four stages of “IoT competition strategy” and said conventional approaches of cost reduction could realize optimization at most, however autonomy, the highest stages of the competition strategy can only be achieved if numerous company cooperate and experiment together. Therefore, communities like Hello Tomorrow plays an extremely important role in creating ideal ecosystems for this development.


At the startup pitch session in the first half of this meetup, Timberter inc, from Estonia, presented. The startup provides a mobile platform and cloud storage as an IoT solution for businesses in the forestry sector.

Timberter’s solution enables timbers to manage their inventories online, utilizing image recognition technology and machine learning As a result, it significantly reduces the labor cost of data collection. Data is stored on the cloud, and this data-platform realizes real-time information sharing among stakeholders comprising supply chains in the timber industry.

At the following Q&A session, audience actively asked insightful questions, for example, “whether the technology is applicable to bamboos?” Those questions based on Japanese and Asian perspectives would be an eye-opener for an European startup; this is an experience unique to Hello Tomorrow.


The second half began with a keynote by Dr. Tomoya Yashiro, professor of the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, with the theme “Everything works with anything “.  He explained the issue of IoT application on households. The current household IoT system is siloed, because each service vendor develops an isolated private cloud and causes incompatibility across clouds. The professor also suggested hints to create user-friendly designs for consumers.

Furthermore, he referred to several examples of on-going projects, such as COMMA house, a collaborative project of LIXIL and the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, and explained the importance of concept testing based on an active prototype-driven approach and ideation of detailed scenarios for individual user, in order to practice open innovation. IoT enterprises should hire experienced smartphone game developers and web designer for the objective.

According to Professor Yashiro, IoT blending into everyday life requires the participation of various players. Featuring illustration and movies, he pinpointed respective players’ niches in such an intelligible manner that audience got impressed with the keynote session and, after the session, made a long queue to exchange business cards with him.


The last startup pitch was given by Mr. Shinsuke Maeda, COO from WOTA. WOTA aims to create a world where safe water is accessible for anyone, and where anyone can live anywhere easily, by making the infrastructure of water and energy available to any individual household or community. In the following Q&A session, audience actively participated and asked thought-provoking questions, for example, questions about issues in areas where massive centralized water infrastructure hardly makes economic sense and where implement of water infrastructure cannot be easily completed, and about water processing methods optimized by proprietary sensors and algorithms. The session and the follow up discussion revealed the audience’s high interest in the possibility of utilizing water from the off-grid supply system.



《Guest Speaker Information》

▼Keynote speech given by


Kengo Horiuchi

Director of Marketing at Treasure Data, Inc.
He engaged in business development of Treasure Data in Japan since the foundation of the company in February 2013 and was in charge of various department such as PR, marketing and business development. Before joining the Treasure Data Inc., he participated in operational reforms and system reform projects at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultant Co., Ltd. (now Japan IBM Co., Ltd.) After that, he was a project manager and in charge of planning and development of web services for customers at Monex Group, Inc. He experienced various careers in a wide range of organizations including both foreign and Japanese institutions and from startups to large companies.


Tomonari Yashiro

Professor /Dr.of Engineering, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo.  Advisor at Connected Home Alliance. The representative at IoT research conference.

IoT research institution aims to create a cloud-to-cloud collaboration of comprehensive operation among a wide variety of IoT devices and investigate the countermeasure plan against IoT threats. Furthermore, by integrating industry and the academic world, the research institution is attempting to find solutions and develop a prototype on unique issues of IoT, which we have never come across. He observes the importance of digital transformation by utilizing the IoT technology and commits to practical activities. He also published a book ‘Understanding IoT application in everyday life: innovation of connecting things for living to the internet and its task.’


▼Deep Tech Startup Session



Anna-Greta Tsahkna, COO

After acquiring a master’s degree in economics. she built her career at the largest software development company in the Baltic countries, handling more than half of Estonia’s e-Government project’s solution, until she founded Timbeter.  She founded Timbeter in 2013, and by 2014 the company managed to win the trophy at the Ajujaht, Estonia’s biggest business contest. In 2016, she was responsible for releasing Timbeter solution, which was one of the main offering from Timbeter. Currently, Timbeter has clients in more than 25 countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Chile, Lithuania, Russia.



Yosuke Maeda, COO

At WOTA, he is responsible for the business and product development of the IoT product and also engaged in general operation. Prior to WOTA, he majored in architecture at Tokyo University and the graduate school of Tokyo University, and engaged in the planning and development of the IoT water surrounding system unit of a major housing manufacturer in his master; received the University of Tokyo President’s Award. Master of Engineering. As his work experience, he worked in teamLab as PM/ Design Engineer and engaged in interactive digital art production using sensing and physics simulation. Afterwards, he developed a power demand prediction algorithm for buildings by himself and sold the system, then he joined WOTA. As his Unique skill, he likes to dance, especially Awa-Odori and Ballroom Dance.



Deep Tech Meetup #4 -IOT-

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