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– The Report of the Keynote Speech from Mr. Ibuki, Cabinet Office at Deep Tech Meetup #3 Wellbeing-

  The word of ‘Well-being’ appeared to our language at 1946 when WHO(World Health Organization) written about health as defining ‘Well Being’ on their charter draft; Since this Chart Draft, ‘ Well-being’ has been significant universal value.


’Well-being and technology startups’ by Mr Ibuki’s speech; while the government’s growth strategy declares “Extension of Public Healthy Life Expectancy” as one of the momentous agenda, also mentions “the expansion for  R&D of medical industry and growth strategy of venture company on their health care strategy”, these 2 topics are a high affinity for each other.


The topic moving to ‘Society 5.0 and technology startups’. As society 5.0 announces publicly to realize the guidelines “ Required services to required people with required sources“ ,  they proceed to use the limited resources effectively , and optimize the provided services.  

By the high technology continuing the day-to-day evolution, they aim to consist the economic development and find the solution for the modern society situation which are piled with social issues of economic development.


Further to the importance of technology startups, according to Mr. Ibuki, they play a significant role in acceleration of collaboration between government agencies and public-private funds in the context of the integrated innovation strategy.

In order to accelerate the initiative even more, close-knit collaboration across ministries is indispensable. As a example of this collaboration, various services for startups overlapped among several ministries start to be unified into an one-stop support. For example, regarding matters related to the health-care industry, if either METI or MHLW receives initial contact from a startup, the both ministries share information seamlessly and address the matter collectively.


Moreover, Mr. Ibuki introduced several initiatives to involve startups in public procurement even more. Cabinet Office carries out the business-plan contest, “Cabinet Office Open Innovation Challenge,” to resolve issues in ministries. These issues are identified based on areas of which respective ministries are in charge.

In the contest, for instance, Fire and Disaster Management Agency seeks an alternative solution to conventional rescue method of projecting rescue wires. This specificity of themes is unique to the contest driven by Cabinet Office.


Deep Tech Meetup #3 -Wellbeing-

The Report of the Keynote Speech from Mr Ibuki, Cabinet Office



Shinichiro Ibuki, Bureau of Science, Technology and Innovation Cabinet Office

After graduating from Kyoto University School of Government – graduate program for public policy studies, Shinichiro joined New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) He engaged in an initiative to support R&D-oriented startups and the launch of Japan Open Innovation Council. Since July 2017, he has been assigned in Cabinet Office (incumbent) to promote utilization of public procurement for R&D-oriented startups and initiatives to support startups and encourage networking among talents.





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