The Report of Deep Tech Meetup #2-Mobility-



Our Second Deep Tech Meetup was held on July 3rd at Edgeof, Shibuya.

The Theme for this time was ‘Mobility~ The future world with technologically innovative automobiles’.

We had keynote session from Mr, Noda, Intel Corp, and presentations sessions from globally promising startups; Artisense corp, Ascent Robotics Inc and MaaS Global.


There were almost 100 of attendees from various fields such as investors, large companies, researchers, startups, and VCs.   Pleasantly many of the participants from different fields had communicated during the networking time.


We would like to appreciate the guest speakers Mr, Noda from Intel, Tim S from Artisense corp, Masayuki Ishizaki from Ascent Robotics Inc and Sampo Hietanen from MaaS Global.


Also, Special thanks to Our Ecosystem partner, Edgeof and Treasure Data for supporting Deep Tech Meetup #2.

【The detail of the guest speakers】

Keynote sessions

Mr, Nobe, Chief Advanced Service Architect and Director at Intel Corporation.

He is currently working about integrate artificial intelligence into Vehicle.

Mr, Nobe Graduated from Harvard Business School and is  Harvard PIRP fellow. He had worked for Nissan as Chief Service Architect and Program Director and presently a visiting associate professor of Nagoya University.


Presentations from 3 of Global mobility startups

▼Artisense corp.

Tim S. Miksche, Chief Representative for Artisense Corp. in Japan

Artisense is a globally leading, research-based computer vision and artificial intelligence company. Based on its proprietary algorithm, Artisense enables highly-scalable, cost-effective 3D Dynamic Global Mapping for GPS-independent navigation of autonomous robots and cars.

The seed-stage company won first prize at this year’s SLUSH Tokyo pitching competition and is now setting up office in Tokyo.


▼Ascent Robotics Inc.

Masayuki Ishizaki, CEO

Ascent Robotics builds end-to-end AIs for robotic systems. It is a reinforcement learning robotics startup. Ascent Robotics is developing complex multi-task AI agents for autonomous robotic systems. Ascent is a Japanese startup conducting research in deep reinforcement learning to solve general intelligence in mobility. They believe it is possible to create intelligent agents that can learn large sets of tasks and complex reward planning to solve the most demanding real-world requirements. They are achieving this by creating a new class of research environments, unique algorithmic approaches, and scalable computation

▼MaaS Global

Sampo Hietanen, CEO, and Founder

MaaS Global Oy is bringing into reality the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), by building the world’s first mobility ecosystem. MaaS Global aspires to upgrade the service level of transportation by joining together public and private transportation providers. Collaboration and integration of services will create a seamless and compelling travel experience for everyone, locally and globally.




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