The First Deep Tech Meetup on May 17th



Our first Deep Tech Meetup was held on May 17th.

In this event, we had speakers from BCG and L’Oréal who are the global partner & sponsor of Hello Tomorrow. Also, we had a pitch session with startups from previous winners of Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge.

Although this event was invitation only, we had many attendees from various deep tech fields.

We would like to appreciate the participation and all the support.



《The detail & Guest speakers》


◇BCG   – Hello Tomorrow Global partner

Sasaki Yasushi      Senior Partner and Managing Director

Masayuki Sekine    Principal, Director of Digital BCG Japan

The speech was about the report written by Hello Tomorrow and BCG; gathering the experience from 400 deep-tech startups and 30 leading VCs, corporates, and other key actors to help people understand the latest trends and dynamics behind deep-tech innovation, and how startups and corporates can build business partnerships.


◇L’Oréal –  Hello Tomorrow Sponsor of Wellbeing track

・Caroline DELAUNAY,   Vice President of Research and Innovation department (Japan)

・Antoine FELIU, Communication Manager of the Research and Innovation department at HQ

The speech was about the innovation program in L’Oréal and the collaborations between Hello Tomorrow and L’Oréal.


◇Pitch Sessions with 4 startups from previous Global Challenge winners ◇

・Koniku (Global Challenge Winner:Data & AI 2016)

Oshiorenoya Agabi, CEO

Koniku is the world’s first neurocomputation company based in silicon valley. They are a privately held, venture-backed wetware company using biological neurons to interface with the real world. Real biological neurons for sensing, control, and computation. Koniku is currently focused on two related technologies, the odor positioning system™ and the odor surveillance system™. These technologies will replicate sensitivity and specificity levels only seen in biological systems.




・Walk With Path(Global Challenge Winner:Healthcare 2017)

Lise Pape, CEO

Path Feel, a startup from the UK, has developed an active feedback insole that provides vibrational feedback to improve balance, enabling the wearer to walk with confidence.

Depending on the user’s needs, the insoles are calibrated via an Android application.

Path Feel also contains sensors, which can collect gyroscopic, pressure and acceleration data, thereby providing insights into the wearer’s gait. Their product’s capability for gait data collection and analysis offers many future possibilities within healthcare and fitness sectors.



・Dracula Technologies(Global Challenge Winner:Energy Transition 2017)

Jérôme Vernet, Sales Manager

Dracula Technologies is a Deep Tech Startup from France, expert in digital printed organic photovoltaic cell and inventor of a technology called LAYER®. Their device can generate electricity from ambient light to power various IoT devices, such as sensors.



・SoundBounce  (Global Challenge Winner:Material 2017)

Rhona Togher, CEO

Sound Bounce is a Deep Tech startup from Ireland. They use smart material technology to absorb low-frequency noise and is thinner than traditional solutions. It has been independently tested and proven to be 100 times more effective at attenuating noise over the most widely used acoustic foams. Sound Bounce can tailor the material to optimize the absorption of different frequencies.




We will organize more deep tech events in order to foster deep tech ecosystem and inspire Japanese researchers or others with global Deep Tech innovations.

We would like to see you again in the next event.

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One of the important activity which is organized by Hello Tomorrow Japan.

Deep Tech Meetup gathers deep tech leaders to discuss and learn about deep tech innovations.

It is a place that people can get inspirations and make connections with various people from Deep Tech fields. We organize this event to foster Japanese Deep Tech ecosystem.