Deep Tech creates a better future


Deep Tech innovation has the potential to solve major industrial, environmental and social world challenges as well as creating entirely new industries. Hello Tomorrow Japan Summit is the first event in Japan to connect Japanese deeptech players with the Hello Tomorrow’s global community to foster interaction and collaboration with enterprises, public entities, investors, startups, and entrepreneurs around the globe.
As a part of program, we have a deeptech startup competition called ‘Japan Finals’ , which choose the best deeptech Japanese projects applied to Global Challenge from Japan.
*Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is one of the largest deeptech startup competition in the world with more than 4,500 applicants from 110 countries.

Our First Japan Summit was held at Roppongi Academy Hills on Dec 13th 2018. More than 500 people who are interested or involved in the deeptech innovations attended the Summit, and 29 deeptech leaders from more than 10 countries with various background presented on the stage. We would like to appreciate all the attendees and supporters. In order to review the program and speakers of 2018, please check the contents below. As further information, in the ‘Japan Final’ 「Aster」 was selected as the best Japanese deeptech project. They are going to participate in the global final pitch session at Global Summit in Paris on 14-15th of March 2019.

Program & Speakers Japan Summit 2018

Exploring the future

“Can Deep Tech save the World?”

Discuss how deeptech innovations can solve global issues of today across three different sessions: Wellbeing, Mobility and Environment. World-renowned deeptech startups, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, and public institutions from the global Hello Tomorrow community will share their insights.

  • Wellbeing

    Extend the healthspan in an age of longevity

    In 2030, the average life expectancy in developed countries will exceed 90 years. How can we ensure our good health in old age?

  • Mobility

    Designing the transport of tomorrow

    Autonomous driving, connected cars, MaaS. How will the innovations in mobility shape a the future of our cities?

  • Environment

    Cleaning up the globe for sustainable future

    How can deeptech preserve our planet and create a sustainable society for our future generations?

Japan Finals

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a worldwide renowned science & technology startup competition designed specifically to address the needs of deeptech entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies.During the Japan Finals we will select a winner among the top 10 Japanese deeptech startups that applied to the Global Challenge. The winner of the Japan Finals will get a fast-track to pitch during the Global Challenge in Paris.

Meet the World

Connect with our international community through networking opportunities Come and discover the best Japanese deeptech innovations ready to take off on an international scale.Reverse pitch by global enterprises and investors interested in collaborating or supporting Deeptech Startups.

SPEAKERS for 2018

Expand your perception of the future

Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa
Professor Emeritus of GRPIS and of the University of Tokyo
Dr. Enass Abo-Hamed
Co-founder and CEO
Dr. Larry Weiss
CEO and Founder
Dr. Jun Axup
Scientific Director and Partner
Yousef Yousef
Founder and CEO
Dr. Masahiro Sugiyama
Associate Professor of PARI the University of Tokyo
Taizo Son
Mark Bünger
Technology Strategist
Dr. Stafford W. Sheehan
Co-founder& Chief Technology Officer
Tommaso Gecchelin
Founder, Inventor and CTO
Paul Kim
Open innovation manager
Muraki Shigehiro
Leader, Regulatory Reform Team, & Head of Administration
Tsuguo Nobe
Chief Advanced Service Architect and Director
Omri Green
Partner, Grove VC
Terence Tan
Managing Partner
Minoru Takeuchi
CTO chief technical officer
Ralph Ho
Chief Exploration Officer
Ms. Kristin Kagetsu
CEO and Founder
Stephanie Divjak
International Hub Manager
Paul Papadimitriou

and more…

Global Challenge 2018 Japan Finalists

Tadashi Kubo
Founder & CEO
Dr. Naotake Ohtsuka
President, CEO
Hazumu Yamazaki
Co-founder, CSO
Dr. Koji Ikado
Dr. Rassarin Chinnachodteeranun
Ai Watanabe
Dr. Hidekazu Hiroaki
Chief Knowledge Office / Professor
BeCellBar LLC / Nagoya University
Kenjiro Yamamoto
Aster Co. Ltd
Washiro Takanori

and more…